White Prom Dresses

Wondering if white is an appropriate color to wear at your prom night? Well, today is your lucky day! White prom dresses are gorgeous, elegant and classic looking. You just can’t go wrong with prom dress in white color.

White Prom Dresses 2012

short white prom dressesWhite is associated with both winter and summer seasons so you’ll have no problem finding this easy shade in the shops. And because white is a basic, standard colour, you can find a cheap white prom dress easily.

Other blended shades like metallics or pastels are more difficult to pinpoint in the exact shade, and are therefore often more expensive.

If you’re looking for a little celebrity inspiration, Taylor Swift is a big fan of short white dresses as is Selena Gomez.

One top tip we can learn from celebs? Don’t wear white that is too tight, especially around the hips. Because of its translucent nature, white shows all bumps and curves and accentuates underwear lines – a definite no-no.

Short White Prom Dresses

How to wear a white prom dress?

It’s one of the most beautiful colours to wear but also one of the most difficult simply, because of the delicate nature of white.

1. Be careful of white shoes

white prom dressDepending on the style of the shoe, white shoes can make your feet look big and chunky. It can also make otherwise beautiful legs appear shorter than they actually are.

A better option and guaranteed way to make your white prom dress pop, is to choose nude, tan heels. As this colour is so close to many skin colours, it elongates your legs.

2. The fabric of your white prom dress is very important

Seriously consider what fabric your dress is made of, as certain fabrics are more transparent in the light than others. You want the spotlight to be on you, yes. What you don’t want is a spotlight on your underwear!

For this reason, wear flesh-coloured underwear in a shade closest to your skin colour. White underwear will shine through your white prom dress – drawing attention to you for all the wrong reasons.

3. Makeup necessities and tips

When you’re getting dressed, throw a light cotton sheet over your face to prevent any make-up from staining your white prom dress. Also try and invest in a non-staining deodorant that won’t stain your gown.

short white prom dresses

4. Avoid stains onto your dress

While you want to have a carefree evening, you should pay attention to where you sit during the evening to prevent stains. Enquire at your dry cleaner about Scotch guarding your dress. However, not all fabrics can be put through this process. You can also get an instant spray stain remover to slot into your purse if you’re really paranoid.

Cheap White Prom Dresses

1. Stay away from top-to-toe white.

Be a vision of elegance in a crisp, short white prom dress and a matching white handbag. However, you want to mix it up with different coloured accessories as too much white can be a little overpowering. Silver looks cool and classic when paired with white, while gold looks rich and opulent. Just be sure to choose one or the other as these two metallics tend to clash when worn together.

white prom dresses

2.Use the palette of your prom theme

The great thing about white is that it can be adapted to any colour scheme you choose to go for. Maybe you’ve selected cool turquoise to accent your short white prom dress while black is good as a contrast (just be sure to scatter black throughout all your accessories and not only your shoes).

You will usually find out the theme of your prom when you get your official invitation. Check the colour scheme on the invite – is it a winter wonderland theme this year? Or maybe the theme is Mexican fiesta? Your white prom dress can easily adapt to any theme as it acts like a blank canvas against which you can play with colour. Silver and icy blue accessories are the perfect winter colours, while red and black will complete a Mexican-inspired prom look.

3. Get tanned!

white prom dressNothing accessorizes a white prom dress better than glowing, tanned skin. Do it the healthy way though – no lying in the sun for hours to get a beach bronze glow.

Stay on the safe side and get spray-tanned from a bottle instead. You’ll be saving with your cheap prom dress so maybe you can invest a little in your (fake) sun-kissed glow.

4. Add some class to your short white prom dress.

Just because your dress is edgy doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize with sophisticated glamour. Wear dainty jewellery to draw attention to a classic French manicure – your white tips will set off the white of your dress.

Match your lipstick with subtle pastel pink lips and rosy cheeks for a fresh-faced elegance.

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