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Find out how to choose the perfect prom dress for you? How to find the perfect prom shoes or how to find the best color for your accessories..

Prom Trends 2010 – Hair, Makeup and Fashion

prom makeup 2010Prom 2010 is speedily getting near and just as every new season there are new trends in hair, makeup, and prom dress fashion to look forward to.

Knowing these trends can make finding that unique prom dress fast and simple.

Prom Makeup: If you are planning on attending prom this year one of the best ways to ensure you look your best is with your make-up choices.

When choosing your look, you should keep it traditional with touches of trend. A bold eye with a soft lip or bright bold lips with a soft neutral eye is sure to bring any look together on that special day.

Also keep in mind that your eye shadows don’t have to match your prom dress and that touches of metallic jewel tones can be a fun touch to any look.

prom hairstyle 2010Prom HairStyles 2010: Treat your hair like it was part of your prom dress. Hair can both complete and accentuate your prom look.

The Prom Updo is a classic traditional look that has passed the test of time.

This style is perfect when showing off a sexy prom dress that has an embellished back that deserves to be seen.

You may also want to look to the red carpet for inspiration; celebrities most often set the trends.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and try such hair trends as braids, retro styles from the 40s or 50s, messy ponytails, and chignon buns swept to the side.

These looks could be just what you need to achieve that unique style you’re looking for.

flower prin prom dress 2010Fashion for Prom: While simple and traditional prom dresses will forever be in fashion, stand out this prom season in fun prints and floral patterns.

Sophisticated one shoulder prom dresses are also making a dramatic statement for Prom 2010.

Vintage prom styles from the 40s and 50s are a fun trend for 2010, with long sweeping gowns and A-line silhouettes, these prom dresses are making a comeback.

For the risk takers Short prom dresses with full skirts are a flirty alternative to your traditional prom dress.

Knowing what’s in this season will help you put together a look that is as unique and spectacular as you are.

source: ezine

How To Apply Fake Tan Perfectly

how to get a great fake tan quicklyJoliese Spray Tanning
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There is no doubt having a tan makes you feel thinner, sexier and healthier. However, these days baking in the sun is becoming increasingly unpopular as more women realize the sun’s UV rays age skin faster than anything (not to mention increase your chance of developing the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma).

If you are ready to skip laying out, but do not want to give up glowing skin, fake tan sprays are a great bet. Fake tan sprays can darken skin for up to a week thanks to dihydroxyacetone, or DHA.

Here we run down a few tips for how to apply fake tan perfectly on your face and body:

Tip #1: Salon tans are your best bet, … but there are too expensive!

If you want a flawless, professional application and can afford the price, head to a spa or salon. For upward of $60, you can get one of many options: Full body exfoliation and professional application of fake tan spray, airbrush bronzing (where an aesthetician sprays a fine mist of tanner over your entire body), or your least expensive option: spray tanning.

Tip #2: How to apply fake tan to your face?

how to get a great fake tan quicklyThis is a four-step process. Pull hair up in a ponytail before you start so you do not miss any parts. According to InStyle’s May 2007 issue, makeup artist Scott Barnes once missed a spot on Jennifer Lopez’s ear because he forgot to pull her hair up.

Step one: Prepare the skin by gently cleansing and exfoliating. (Skip moisturizer, which may interfere with the tanner.)

Step two: Apply your eye cream. According to Barnes in InStyle, you want the color of your skin to be lighter under the eyes, it makes you look more fresh and younger.

Step three: Blend a few drops of your fake tan spray and equal parts moisturizer in the palm of your hand then apply over face and neck. You only want to go one shade darker than your natural color.

Step four: Let color develop for three hours then follow up with a sweep of bronzer on forehead, cheeks and nose: areas where the sun naturally shines.

Do not forget: Smooth remaining tanner over earlobes and upper ears. Wash hands thoroughly. (Do not skip the sunscreen.)

Tip #3: How to apply fake tan to your body?

For this three-step process, start by exfoliating skin with a body scrub in the shower paying special attention to rough areas including knees and elbows (dry skin absorbs higher concentrations of tanner). Shave before you tan. InStyle suggests using a body oil, instead of shaving cream, when shaving.

Barnes suggests rubbing Vaseline on cuticles and nails. This protects your manicure and keeps fingertips and nails from staining.

how to get a great fake tan quicklyApply fake tan spray limb by limb, starting with your legs. Apply over the shin and calf of a leg, sweeping tanner down over your ankle, foot and toes. Then apply tanner to your thigh from front to back, using the excess to cover your knee. Repeat on your other leg. For the final step, apply fake tan spray to your hips, stomach and torso, following with your shoulders and arms. Wait 10 minutes to dry before dressing and avoid any excessive activity that will make you sweat for at least a few hours. If your tan has not set, sweat could cause streaking.

Bonus tips: How to remove fake tan from your hands, without washing off product from the tops of your hands, rub palms along a wet washcloth, making sure to get in between fingers.

Give arms, legs and decolletage a subtle glow with a body shimmer.

Tip #4: How to pick the right fake tan?

There are several types of tanners: Tanners created just for the face, airbrush tanners, cream tans, bronzing gel, tinted tans and tan enhancers. There’s body shimmer and bronzing powder. You can layer tanners as colors fade. How?

Apply a lotion then follow with bronzing powder or shimmer. Just be careful not to go too dark.

Try this: Joliese Spray Tanning (Free 30 Day Supple! Pay only $1,50 S&H with coupon code: darker)


Prom Updos 2010: Elegant Prom Hairstyles + Tips

Elegant prom updo 2010

Elegant prom updo 2010 with big wave curls

Stunning prom updo 2010

Elegant prom updo 2010 with big braids

Beautiful prom updo 2010

Elegant prom hairstyle 2010

Prom Updos 2010: Elegant Prom Hairstyles + Tips

These tips will help you give your up do more volume, oomph, curls, waves, and shine!

1. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs More Volume
Hold your hair at the roots using straight clips while you are blow drying. This adds body and speedy height for your updo, that will stay with you all night.

2. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs More Oomph
While your hair is still moisture add middle Velcro rollers at your crown, after that blow dry. You can add a smallish bit of styling gel for extra hold.

3. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs More Curls
This works perfect for those big loose curls. Place the barrel of your curling iron middle strand, not at your ends, wrap your hair around your curling iron, but don’t clamp it down on the hair like normal. Hold for 15-20 seconds and have perfect curls that will last all night.

4. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs Natural Waves
This will give you those waves that look natural and soft. While your hair is moisture split it into four braids, on each side, braid two very tightly and braid two loose. Dry your hair using heat or let dry naturally, then unravel for hair that looks soft and natural.

5. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs More Shine
For a shiny finish to your prom updo spray with a fine-mist hair spray. Use a fleecy soft make up brush you save just for this and brush softly over your sprayed hair. You only need to use a soft touch of the brush, it smoothes beautifully without moving a hair out of place.

Ideas 4 Prom Dresses Emmys 2009

The best dressed Emmys 2009 – Red Carpet Arrivals (Great ideas for prom dresses)

Olivia Wilde emmys prom dress ideas
Olivia Wilde in sexy sparkling dress

blake lively emmys prom dress ideas
Blake Lively in sexy long red prom dress with low v-neck

cat deeley emmys prom dress ideas
Cat Deeley in elegant long one shouder dress

christina applegate emmys prom dress ideas
Christina Applegate in turkish blue dress with lame decoration

drew barrymore emmys prom dress ideas
Drew Barrymore in lovely long strapless dress

kourtney kardashian emmys prom dress ideas
Kourtney Kardashian in long dark strapless dress

phoebe price emmys prom dress ideas
Phoebe Price in sexy long dress

Lindsay Price emmys prom dress ideas
Lindsay Price in trendy long purple dress, one shoulder dress with black decoration

samanha harris emmys prom dress ideas
Samanha Harris in long green strapless dress

rose byrne emmys prom dress ideas
Rose Byrne in long sparkling dress

Looking for The Perfect Gold Prom Shoes 2010?

Gold prom shoes 2010Gold prom shoes are best way to complement prom dresses such as ivory, gold, and brown.

Available in the plenty of styles, they can be found in different sizes and heel heights. Prom night is a much expecting time for a large number of girls.

It not only captivates them but actually thrills their feeling and thoughts. Girls are normally obsessed with the thought of going to a prom night. This is why; many manufacturers are producing unique range of accessories, evenign shoes, and other essentials to make a prom night remarkable and amazing.

If you want to find a pair of prom shoes that can go with any kind of dress, then shoes in gold color would make a perfect choice.

Available in variety of models and heels they help in sporting your exelent looks. Refer to the following smart advices to grab incredible special deal:

  • Gold prom shoes 2010Pay close attention to your evening prom dress.
  • Buy gold shoes, if you are planning to wear gold or brown prom gown.
  • Find the best heel height to complement your prom dress well for the night.
  • If you are looking for something luxury, go for gold mid heel. It is a perfect ensemble and will make you look really magnificent on your prom night.
  • Consider is your stature to select heel style.
  • If you are short statured, opt for gold high shoes.
  • Gold is in modern and will lend you more trendy looks.
  • Go for high heels decked with jeweled straps to sport your beautiful legs.
  • Make sure to select the right heel, else you will look fashion disaster, mismatched and bad-looking.

If you want to exude an aura of sexiness at your prom, go for nothing but gold shoes that are best suited for your fabulous outfit.

Since, the excitement of prom night is obvious, so you must spend some time on selecting shoes for your prom. Gold prom shoes 2010They are no less important than your prom dress.

Your prom deserves a little sparkle, that’s why it is important to look for something sumptuous and royal.

Surf the collection of high, mid, and low heels to find the right shoe that coordinates absolutely with your personal style.

It is not hard; you can easily find your predilection at sites for prom stuff.

Gold prom shoes complement your prom dress in the best possible way.

If you want to find a perfect pair of shoes to make your Prom Night special, visit to get the choicest styles.