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The time has finally arrived. The day you have been waiting for your entire high school career. No, it’s not your first school play. It’s not even some important test. It’s much bigger than that. It’s your senior prom. And besides the big, angst-inducing questions like “Who am I going to take to the dance?” and “Who is arranging the after-party?” the biggest question of them all is “What am I going to wear?”

Cheap Prom Dresses 2012

In the months leading up to the dance, you will no doubt have many discussions with your friends and classmates about who is wearing what. A big influence on dress choices: celebrities!

cheap prom dresses

  • “I’m wearing my mother’s imported pink Chanel gown,” says your classmate, Stacey. “It reminds me a little of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress but… let me rather not say! I don’t want to give the surprise away.”
  • “Mine is very similar to Jessica Alba’s dress at this year’s Golden Globes,” adds Melinda, “Only mine is the more cheap prom dress version.”
  • “I was very inspired by Katy Perry’s dress to the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards. So chic and elegant!” chirps Amanda.
  • “My dress is very reminiscent of Selena Gomez’s metallic gold number at last year’s Grammy Awards. All I need is my own Justin Bieber on my arm!” comments Chelsea.

If you’re considering a celebrity-inspired gown for your own dress, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Firstly, celebrities have professional stylists and an unlimited budget to spend on luxurious, rare and imported fabrics. Add to that designer shoes and exclusive diamond jewellery, and you’re looking at a million-dollar look. Literally.
  • By all means, get inspiration from celebrities. Their hair and make-up always look flawless on the red carpet and you can get great tips from them. But don’t copy their look from head-to-toe. If you have seen the look before, chances are great that everybody else has too. Look around a few shops and you will find an affordable prom dress in a similar style to your favourite star. Match your make-up, hair and accessories to suit your own unique personality.
  • And lastly, don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by your friends’ big talk. They may have a celebrity-inspired dress but, let’s get real – they are not Kate Middleton, or Jessica Alba or Katy Perry. If their dresses are really that similar to that of a celeb, they will, more than likely, look like a copycat who is stealing somebody else’s look.

Cheap Prom Dresses Under $200 or Even $100

Ever hear the expression “fake it ‘til you make it”? Well it applies to prom fashion too. Walk into your favourite department store and tell the sales assistant what look you would like for your dress. She knows exactly what styles the store has in stock and what others can be ordered from other branches or which dresses can be altered to suit your needs. Be honest with her about how much you can afford and you may just be in luck to get a discount prom dress.

Short Prom Dresses Under $100
Looking for cute and flirty short prom dress under $100? Look no further, these sexy short gowns are perfect for you.

Cheap Prom Dresses Under $100
If you are going after elegant and classy look, long discount prom dress is the way to go.

And tell your friends about it too. Pay no attention to snooty comments like “You need to hurry before all the designer dresses are snatched up!” or “You don’t want to have to settle on one of the rejects that nobody else wants.” They are probably just stressed out about their own dress dilemmas and rubbing it off on you. The truth is: what works for them probably won’t work for you, and vice versa. And considering the costs involved with proms as it is – the shoes, the accessories and the transportation – you need to save money wherever you can.

Prom Dresses Under $200
If your budget is $200, these stunning and affordable prom dresses under $200 may catch your eye!

If your friends are giving you hard time about your money-saving ideas, say something like: “Do I really need to spend over $150 on a dress that I am only going to wear one time? Think of all the labour that has gone into its manufacturing – that must be bad for the environment!” Your friends will applaud your empathy for nature and you might even inspire them to do the same.

Cheap Prom Dresses Under $200
Confidence and personal style… Priceless! Lovely and cheap dresses for prom under $200.

Here are some top tips to help you find an affordable prom dress:

  • Search online. A simple Google query of “discount prom dresses 2012” could lead you to a bargain deal in your area at places you never thought to look. You may be just in time for a bargain basement sale, a shop having a closing-down sale or a sample sale of which you are the perfect size!
  • Visit second-hand stores. Before you scoff and roll your eyes, consider where the term “vintage” comes from. That’s just a fancier way of saying “used”. You may just chance upon a classic little Audrey Hepburn number or a stunning gown straight out of “Pride and Prejudice”.
  • Sift through your mother or your older sister’s closet. Styles from the past are making a huge comeback. If you’re after a more modern approach, you can always take the dress to a dressmaker who can update it to your specifications.
  • Page through as many magazines as you can get your hands on. The media are spot on with what trends are big and what is available in various shops. You may come across a spread entitled “Cheap Prom Dresses 2012” or an article that reads “Find a cheap prom dress under $100” and your search could be over.

Ready, set, sparkle!

affordable red prom dressIt’s the morning of the prom. You steal a glance at your fabulous gown hanging against the closet. As you gently touch the fabric, you still can’t believe what a discount prom dress you were able to score.

It’s a deep scarlet red gown you came across in a magazine. The fabric is a delicate, crushed silk that falls in flowing layers from its fitted, dropped waist. You run your fingers over the corseted bodice, adorned in fine, Swarovski crystals which end in a dainty, jewel-encrusted sash across the waist.

And as you carefully fit on your second-hand… ahem, vintage dress, you smile as you think to yourself: affordable is so much more beautiful!

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  2. Kathrine

    Btw it’s the girl with the dark hair (The first picture in a light pink dress)
    I really love the dress, and i gotta know where to buy it!! 😀

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