Short White Prom Gown 2010

short white prom dress 2010

short white prom dress 2010 back

Beautiful short strapless prom dress 2010 in white color with blue waste

Short White Prom Dress 2010 by Hannah S: This short white dress by Hannah S is a perfect short prom dress, graduation dress, or dress for homecoming. A strapless short dress with a sweetheart neckline featuring a wide belt available in turquoise, lime, or black with a dazzling stone accent. The loose fitting layered skirt has a soft flutter hemline that is chic yet youthful.

Short White Prom Dress by Hannah S

* This dress is no longer available! But you can find pretty similar one HERE (at Amazon) + the price is quite affordable! 🙂

38 thoughts on “Short White Prom Gown 2010

  1. areli solis

    my sweet 15 is comeing up and i want to know can i get the color lime green and how much does it cost

  2. Josey Dragon

    I want a dress like that for my ball in december but I dont want the blue ban around the waist.can it be gold!

  3. jackie!

    omg this is gorgous! please tell me where i can find it and how much this is! iloveit!!!

  4. nun ur business

    these dresses are really fugly

  5. Mary

    This was my dress for Prom 2010!! I ABSOLUTELY loved it and it got SO many compliments!! 🙂 It was the last one in the store AND it was my size. It was just meant to be! The dress was $218 +Tax.

  6. Han

    this dress is gawg and i have several weddings coming up this year i think 5! and then i have my prom i was wondering where am i able to get it and how much does it cost?? thanks xxx ?

  7. chantel furtado

    can some one please tell me where i can buy this dress for my graduation? i really love it 🙂

  8. Tatiana

    Plz i really want this dress! I’ve been looking for it for years! Can someone plz tell me where i can find it! Plz!! 🙂