Long Purple Sheri Hill Prom Dress 2010

long purple sheri hill prom dress 2010

purple sheri hill back

Long Purple Sheri Hill Prom Dress 2010

Elegant prom dress by Sheri Hill prom collection 2010 in lovely purple. Halter embellished bodice, high waist and long flowing skirt.

This dress is perfect for prom night, homecoming or any special occasion. This dress will make you feel special!

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32 thoughts on “Long Purple Sheri Hill Prom Dress 2010

  1. Harnoor

    Hello I was wondering if you guys have the same dress like that except in dark blue? and how much is the purple one?

  2. Paige

    Hello i was just wondering if you could email me the price of this dress and i was wondering if you do these in a light blue colour email me asap please, thankyou!

  3. samantha

    hi i love this dress and i was wondering the price and where i am able to purchase it or if its only by order ?

  4. paola

    hello am just wondering were i can get this dress its so beautiful i love it its perfect please email to me were i can get it asap

  5. julie

    this is perfect I was wondering if you do any other colours if so what colours? And can you email the prices to me and other colours of this dress please.

  6. Michelle gutierrez

    Can u pleae email me the price&+ where i can find it
    Its beauitiful

  7. dani

    Can i have the price and where i could get it from please? send it me by email… cheers 🙂

  8. Silvia

    hey i love this dress i was just wondering the price?? Plz contact me as soon as possible.. thanks!!

  9. Christy

    i LOVE this dress, could you email me the price and whether you have it in any other colors or not? thankyou 🙂

  10. Pam

    Beautiful colour and style, it is so perfect! Could you email me prices and details? Its a size 8/10 figure, hoping to be a size 8 for the date of wearing the dress!

  11. Sophie spencer

    Hi I was wondering how much this dress is ? And where I can get it from ASAP send me it by email please x

  12. hannah

    Hey!!!! Please E-mail me the price of this dress i need to see how much it is so i can wear it to a formal event in 2 months

  13. hannah

    I’m sorry i also need to know can we get it offline or can we buy it from a story… E-mail me the answer