How To Choose The Perfect Prom Dress 2010

It look like when prom season come, girls are not just on the lookout for the perfect prom date, but also for the best prom dress to wear to the event. Among all the hassle brought on by the event, this is maybe the one they spend a lot of time on. Wearing the best prom dress can determine how fabulous your night will turn out, so here are a few tips to remember when faced with this dilemma.

What You’ll Need To Choose The Best Prom Dress 2010

teen magazines for prom dress 2010

  • Money
  • Teen/Celebrity magazines
  • Chic flicks and teen movies

Determine Your Budget:

Prom dresses can be truly expensive. The more refined they are, the more money you need to shell out. It’s a practical move to have a budget you can stick to. Having a budget not only helps you make a wise purchase, but also simplify the alternatives, and the places where you’re going to shop. Just remember this fact: prom dresses are available at all prices; just because one is expensive already means that it’s chic and will suit you immediately.

Look In Earlier:

Last minute shopping for a prom dress is a no way. Don’t forget, hundreds, even thousands, of girls are searching around, just like yourself. What if the store where you want to purchase a prom dress only stocks a number of dresses at a time? You’ll find yourself out of luck and without nothing to wear. Four to six weeks before the event, buy the prom dress. choose the perfect prom dress 2010Not only do you get the best dress, you’ll also have time to do alterations, if needy. Remember not to buy the dress too advanced, though, or your body might change a lot before the big day.

Do Some Research:

If you enter a store without any clue as to what type of prom dress you would like to buy, then expect to shop for a very long time. Before you even start looking at dresses on boutiques, do your own research on popular styles and trends today. Being familiar with different styles gives you inspiration on what you want for yourself. If you’ve decided to have a seamstress design your own prom dress, this is very important.

  • Watch singers red carpet events, and take note of what you like.
  • Leaf through magazine issues. A lot of publications have prom issues of fashion mags that will help you.
  • Check out prom planning sites and online stores for fashion trends.
  • Watch chic flicks, like Mean Girls, Clueless and The Hot Chick, and see if you can find ideas in them.

How To Choose The Perfect Prom Dress – Know Your Body Type!

prom dresses 2010Unfortunately, not all prom dresses are guaranteed to fit and look good on any girl. The beauty of the dress depends on how it looks with your body type. You may know your body type and which type of dress looks best on you. Here are a few ideas.

  • Curvy figure – An A-line dress is great, to minimize hips and thighs and highlight the waist.
  • Full hips – To flatten your curves and camouflage the bottom line, opt for a strapless and form-fitting bodice complete with a full-layered skirt
  • Slim – Try on a sheath style dress that shows your silhouette.
  • Petite – A body hugging slim sheath with a slit at the side will do. Don’t choose dresses that are too long, or they will overwhelm your figure.

Once you’ve found a style that suits you and your figure, try it in another colors. You’ll want the dress color to look good on your skin, too.

How to Choose Accessorize For The Perfect Prom Dress

prom night 2010 accessoriesNever miscalculate the power of accessories. They can enhance and improve your looks.

Looking for shoes that look great with your clothes, with sufficient and workable heels, so you won’t trip.

Choose makeup that is suitable with your skin tone and a hairdo that complements your prom dress and facial shape. Wear jewelry, but don’t overdo it.

A week or two before the date, try on your dress and how it looks like with your accessories. See if anything needs to be toned down or removed. Walk and move around, to see if you feel sufficiently.

Choosing the perfect prom dress doesn’t have to be a hard and mind-boggling task. Follow these easy tips,  and you’ll end up looking fabulous and beautiful on that special night.

Don’t forget your smile! 😀

Don't forget your smile

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